On Love

Love fundamentally is a positive feeling of warmth, affection, and of depth of connection to another person(s), though its intensity varies, and it may also be commingled with other emotions or mental states, such as envy, admiration, glee, or sorrow. In the case of romantic love, love is particularly susceptible of intensified impressions through physical intimacy, not that physical intimacy will necessarily lead to such impressions (it might do the opposite). Love also precedes any and all social definitions, in no matter what society, of how it ought to be experienced, what should happen when it is present, such as “commitment”, and what types of relationships it should lead to, though society invariably will have its say on these questions. But love starts as and remains essentially a strong, affirmative feeling of connection. If love exists, it has at least this property. If love has supreme value, it is this property which confers it. But watch out: love, as Nietzsche claimed B. Constant said, is also “of all sentiments the most egoistic, and, as a consequence, when it is wounded, the least generous.”


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